Dog days are nearly behind us and school is right around the corner. The summer months could be summed up as simply, adventurous! Our family, in one way or another, covered many miles and shared what seem like just as many wonderful experiences.

Jay & Amber began the summer by training KMBC singing groups, By Grace & Voice of Truth. Not long after those hours of rehearsal, groups hit the road. Jay & Caleb traveled along with Voice of Truth during their first week or so. Caleb was very excited to accompany Jay during PR travels. Their journey lasted several days longer than the usual weekend jaunt. This road trip included wonderful music ministry by VOT, Dutch Letters in Pella, IA and an exciting stop at the Gateway Arch in St. Louis. 
 States covered: Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Oklahoma and Missouri.

After a brief stop at home, Jay swapped Caleb for Emily. She enjoyed a couple days on the road with Daddy. And what a difference it made to have a lady in the van! 
 States covered: Kentucky, Virginia and North Carolina.

(Dave, Jay, Jon and Dave in Grand Teton National Park)
After years of dreaming and a great deal of planning, Jay, along with 3 college friends, experienced a thrilling adventure in the Mountain West region of the United States. At the beginning of July, this crew made the trek out to Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks. With grizzlies close by, a 15-mile hike, chilly mountain-lake dips,
and 1 shower in 10 days you can be certain there was never a dull moment!
States covered: Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa,
Nebraska,Wyoming, Montana and South Dakota.

While Jay was gallivanting across the country, Amber and the kids enjoyed visiting with Amber's folks. Spending time with Mamaw & Papaw is always a treat.

(Caleb takes the bronze in the children's contest at Hollow Rock!)
Ministry brought us to familiar territory this summer. We were blessed to minister in Jay's home camp – Hollow Rock Camp Meeting. What a privilege to share God's love with others through music. Jay led worship in song and the whole family shared in song ministry. 10 days of seeking the LORD, hearing powerful messages from the Word, and sharing fellowship with wonderful friends! An added blessing was spending some sweet time with Jay's sister Lynn and her family. At the close of the camp, we knew God had been faithful to use us for his glory! His faithfulness is truly great! We praise God!  
States covered: Kentucky, West Virginia and Ohio.

(Emily, Caleb and Tyler at Cade's Cove in the Great Smoky Mountains)
Following Hollow Rock we headed to one of our favorite places – the Great Smoky Mountains! There we enjoyed some much needed R&R! This year we ventured out beyond our favorite places and decided to do some extra hiking. Even so, we did not fail to visit our favorite place – Cade's Cove! While in the Cove, the kids learned how to weave and completed their activities to become Smoky Mountain Junior Rangers.

(Amber in the Smokies)
National Parks Visited by one or more of our family since Spring: Grand Teton, Yellowstone, Badlands, Mount Rushmore (National Monument),
Great Smoky Mountain and Mammoth Cave!

(Given a sunset in the Badlands)
We give God thanks for a wonderful summer of travel, ministry and blessing!

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