Journey Note - Popcorn!

You know those stories that are laughable after you realize your kid is alive and well? I've got one of those.

Emily has just learned how to ride her bike minus the training wheels. know this is going to be good.

Amber and I are walking about 10 yards or so in front of Emily, who is riding her bike. All of a sudden it is increasingly clear that Emily is about to head down a steep, grassy hill. Terror's written all over her face and you can sense the force of the hill pulling her toward itself. Too far away to intervene all I can do is pray the name of Jesus. Emily quickly accelerates and is heading disastrously toward a large field of corn. We're watching with bated breath wondering how/what will stop her. In this case there is no gentle turning, laying the bike down. It's full steam ahead, no brakes! Like a bolt of lighting in the midnight sky, she flashes into the towering stocks and disappears. Next come the bewildered cries arising out of the corn field. Is something broken? Several things broken? What about missing teeth? Running to her assistance I enter a large opening of felled, sweet stocks to find a girl of sound body, but not mind. Thankfully we're all laughing in about 15 min. or so. Even an hour later we're still plucking mud from clothes, pedals, shoes, etc. With some reassurance that all is okay along with a hug from Dad we'll make it the rest of the evening! - J.

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